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I think Mr. Frodo needs to add a new specialty to his resume: Pointlessologist.
Allow me to explain.
I went into his office, and he was already in a defensive mood.
He definitely didn’t want me in there, and he definitely didn’t want to hear any of my objections to the current travisty I call my worklife.
I explained to him that I have nothing personal against him, (OK, I really do, but that’s beside the point), but that this situation has gone way past inappropriate.
He cut me off, asking what I was trying to say.
He should know me by now.
If I say something, that’s what I mean.
And that’s what I told him.
I said exactly what I meant.
He got up from behind his desk, walked out, and brought the html specialist in.
She was on the other side of the cubicle, and since he didn’t say anything to her, he must have signaled, and I’m sure there was a lot in that signal.
There usually is.
Anyway, she came in, and he asked her if she had a date on when the next pilot of the db_interface is supposed to be released.
She called the on-sight client rep’s boss, and he says next week.
We’ll see.
After Ms. Specialist left, I gave Mr. Frodo the name of the other blind employee, and he typed and sent an email, although I don’t know where he got the address from, as he’s not listed in the directory with an email address.
He didn’t read the email as he typed it, but he mumbled as he wrote, something about career pathing.
Then, I got some blather about how he could put me in an admin position, but that he feels I’m just too talented for that, with a lot of lathered on something-or-other that I think was supposed to be passion about the subject at hand, namely making sure that I live up to my potential with the company.
He really worked hard to stroke my ego.
He told me how talented I was, and expected me to agree with him.
Like I’m that thick.
He also remarked, (after misspelling Windoweyes), that I have a “slang” accent.
That’s just a nice way to say I’m trash.
Talk about inferiority complex.
I made it a point to let him know I’m disgusted in the communication situation, and I also made it a point to let him know I’m skeptical about next week’s supposed pilot release.
In the end, I never got to mention the media.
That doesn’t mean I won’t contact them by next week.
And in the final analysis, I was one hundred percent right.
Mr. Frodo is a pompous, arrogant bastard who’s so intent on being politically correct he’s tripping over his own two feet, while screaming to the world with his actions that he’s never dealt with blind people, and probably hasn’t dealt with anyone else with any other disability either.
He likes to do whatever he can to level the playing field, even if that means bringing others into a meeting in order to back up his position.
I could have pushed the media issue, but the situation would have descended very fast.
He was hoping I’d say something that could be construed as unprofessional, or insubordinate.
He was very passively aggressive, and I think the best thing to do was to not mention the media, get whatever information I could, and go ahead with that anyway.
Time will tell if the pilot gets released, and whether or not any of the issues will be fixed, although I have my doubts.
I was going to give them until next Wednesday.
I’ll give them until next Friday.
The following Monday, I’ll say go as far as the media is concerned.

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