I slept through most of Shabbat.
I came home yesterday, showered, and went to bed at about 21:00.
I didn’t eat dinner last night, and I didn’t eat until just a few minutes ago today.
I wasn’t very hungry.
Work was too depressing yesterday.
I thought things were going to change, but after testing all that software Wednesday and Thursday, we’re back at taking calls with the inaccessible software, so we can explain to someone who has, until this point, illustrated that they don’t give a damn about whether or not their software is accessible.
I’m tired of playing games.
Ze’evi’s out of town this weekend.
He won’t be back until Monday, so we won’t get to talk until at least Monday evening.
I’m going to contact Division Of Services for the Blind here in town and see what my options are.
I have no idea how I’ll afford legal fees.
I think that’s the route I need to take at this point though.
The company’s doing everything in it’s power to avoid putting me in another position, and the client’s not interested in making their software accessible.
UM would rather play games with the client than just solve the problem.
I can’t believe I’m having to fight this much and this hard, just to do my job.
It’s ironic.
Most people wouldn’t fight like this over a customer service job.
They’d just leave.

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