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For a long time now, I’ve been making it a point to read David Bonner’s bloog, because it serves as a source of entertainment my days would otherwise lack.
Well, I was reading it just a minute ago, and the block monster struck.
By way of explanation, the block monster is what denies me access to many of the web sites I try to visit during my time at work.
It usually strikes when there’s something that seems really good behind the next link.
Sometimes, it has the added disadvantage of blocking the source of the link I was trying to click on.
For example, if I’m reading Dov Bear, or Orthomom, I have to hold off on reading the comments until I get home, by which point I’ve totally forgotten what was so interesting that it caused me to try for the link in the first place.
Once the productivity problem gets fixed, this will become a virtual non-issue, as I won’t be surfing blogs all day.
But until then, I’ll continue to combat the block monster, and savor the occasional victories.

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