Monday is kicking my ass. I’ve spent all morning on the phone with automated phone systems. I hate automated phone systems. I’m technically-minded, which means I probably hate them more than you do.

I keep my landline around just so I can avoid dialing touchtones on my iPhone because dialing fast enough to get the automated system to take your choices and not tell you that you suck at life and make you go through the whole process again seems like a worthwhile proposition. Except it’s probably not. And paying Comcast $40 a month for the privilege is stupid. So i’ll likely be canceling that and just dealing with touchtone hell on my iPhone.

I log into the WordPresses this morning and find there are updates. This is not a complicated process. I deal with this regularly. But after dealing with the phone this morning, I just wanted to cry when I saw that several plugins need updating. Not rational, I know.

I think maybe I should have just taken today off. It’s halfway over, and I don’t have to deal with people except for one more hour, so I think I can sort this and have a better day tomorrow. I spent some time last week reworking my schedule so there’s a designated beginning and end to the work day. This will help. Not that it’ll work all the time, (crises happen), but it’ll work for the most part. I also scheduled in some me time before sleep. Now I need to redo it again, or at least tweak it so there’s time for the faith aspect, which I’ve let go but would like to re-integrate.

I think I’ll watch a movie this evening and have a few beers.

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