Last week was absolutely amazing. I got in three workouts instead of the five I wanted, but despite that, I had a 2.8 pound loss on the scale, took a total of 41,333 steps with an average of 5,905 per day, walked a total distance of 17.46 miles, burned a total of TOTAL CALS BURNED
14,155 calories with total calories in versus out being -7217, and managed to have an average fall-asleep time of seven minutes. Yeah, that’s awesome. Thank you for playing, Lupus.

This week is lighter on the workout front so far. I didn’t get one in yesterday, and will not be getting one today because I’m in the middle of the Tishah B’Av fast, but there’s still tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. And I will get a workout in on at least Thursday. If I lose a pound this week, I will be at the 25-pound loss mark, which will get me a new lucky charm to add to the collection. As members of Weight Watchers, we get little charms and keychains when we reach certain milestones along the journey. They aren’t the be-all/end-all for me, but they’re kind of cool.

No NBBA World Series for me this year, which kind of makes me sad, because the amount of steps and activity would have been totally awesome. But I’m gearing up for next year, because I’m sure everyone’s having lots of fun and I love being a part of that.

I am going to love looking back on this post in a year and seeing how far I’ve come. I’ll have reached goal by then. And by this time next year, I plan to not be living in Augusta. It’s been real, and it’s been fun, but the public transportation sucks for a town that is the second largest metropolis in Georgia, (hell, let’s face it, it sucks even by small-town standards), and I think it’s about time to go.

I’m planning to get a haircut this week, because I seriously need one and it’s time to take some new pictures. If there’s enough after the snip, I’ll be donating it to Locks of Love, which is an amazing organization that helps create wigs for people suffering from hair loss because of cancer. I haven’t had a haircut in years, so I’m pretty sure there will be plenty.

I’ll end here for now, but I’ll be back next week with more personal awesomeness. Until next time.

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