Today the company provided cupcakes and balloons for those of us with birthdays in January.
I ate the cupcake, which wasn’t half bad, and they asked me what color balloon I wanted.
A blue balloon is now flying over my desk.
I really wish I had a marker.
I’d love to write something witty on it, like “Less People Less Idiots.
They’d probably never give me another one again after that.

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  1. No, if I catored to the idiots, then it could be said that I’m mad.
    But, yeah, I probably would get in loads of trouble for that.
    You know, have to be politically correct.
    I can’t stand PC.
    Did you ever turn off word verification so I could post that comment I emailed you?
    I looked at the site Monday evening, but when I got there, it was still on.
    I’ll still be a devoted reader though.

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