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Today was long but productive. I got two tons of document’n this
morning, which I’m grateful for.
One of my coleagues, Kim, has apparently spent the last three years
collecting and organizing everything she can get hold of.
All of that will come in handy, and I look forward to adding to
The plan is to start a collection on one of the company drives to
store all the information, and then give copies to new trainees on
portable storage.
I talked to the airline today.
They’ve started a corporate investigation in order to find my
missing laptop, and I’m really hoping they find it.
They’ve said they’ll replace it if they don’t find it, but in order
for them to do that, I’ll have to get a copy of a six-year-old
receipt from Gateway.
That should be fun.
I have to call my bank sometime this week to find out if I’ll be
able to make a deposit from Florida to a North Carolina account.
If I can’t, it’ll be do big deal, but it would be nice to have some
extra money while I’m down here.
I plan to go to Radio Shack while I’m down here and get a
directional mic so I can start podcasting.
I think that would be fun.
More later.

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