According to “Labor Decree” number G-d-Only-Knows, (“labor decree” is what I’ve taken to referring to the rules at work), we’re now required to use the phonetic alphabet.
This would be fine if not for the following: (1) Certain words such as Echo and Golf are consistently misinterpreted by members and others on the phone; (2) We spend more time explaining the words and answering questions about our choice of wording than we do actually making sure the particular letter we’re trying to get across is understood.
Case in point: My last caller responded to “Foxtrot” (for those who don’t know, foxtrot is the word used to designate the letter “F” in the phonetic alphabet), “Foxtrot?”
When I explained that we’re required to use the phonetic alphabet, the caller replied: “I thought you had a horse.”
You can stick that in the amateur humor files.

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