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Tomorrow is family fun day at work.
They might as well call it “Family Fund Day,” because they’re charging for at least some of the activities, from what I’ve been told.
They’re doing things like having a dunking booth, playing basketball and football, and cooking out.
Mr. Frodo is supposed to be in the booth from 13:00 to 14:00, and I’m so tempted to pee in an empty water bottle tomorrow morning just after I get up, and take it to work so I can pour it in there before he takes his perch.
Today I attempted to go through the training for The Source, which is one of the “resources” we have to use during calls.
It was inaccessible for the most part, because it consisted of a lot of graphics you were supposed to click on, as well as simulations.
Then there was the fun part of explaining to the trainer that Jaws wasn’t working with the training simulator.
Once again, the client took no consideration of accessibility issues, and they can’t say they didn’t know.
I was surprised at how much that realization stung.
It’s like not being allowed to play in all the reindeer games, except it’s not a game, it’s work, and once again I’ve been shut out.
I thought I had gotten used to that by now, but apparently not.
I just don’t get how people can go through their lives being, (as John puts it), aggressively ignorant.
Sometimes I think ignorant is too nice.
They just don’t give a fuck.
I wonder how they would like it if it was them in this situation?
But anyway, on to lighter things, like making Mr. Frodo’s dunking experience a memorable one.
I can’t figure out how I’d pull it off.
I’m too conspicuous.
I’d go out there, and someone would think I’m lost.
“Oh no, don’t mind me, just pouring a little food coloring in.”
Man, if I had some food coloring, I could have so much fun.
We could just tell him someone had a really bad accident after he finished his turn.
I’d like to get a picture of the look on his face after that one.
“One bottle of food coloring, $1; One opportunity to take a shot at dunking, $1; Mr. Frodo finding out someone had an accident in the water, priceless.”
I know all of this sounds really evil, but if you met him, you’d understand.
He makes everyone’s life difficult just because he can, and he thinks blindness is contagious.
At least that’s how he acts.
I also know I’ll never get to do anything like this, but one can dream.
And with that, good night all.

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