I never thought I’d say that about my job.
Stressful, exhausting, demanding, unrewarding and unfulfilling, definitely.
But never boring.
Then this week happened.
When I got to work this morning, I performed my now ritualistic walk to the operations manager’s cube and asked if there was any news.
I think after Tuesday’s melt-down, he’s been avoiding me.
Basically, after my post deploring the extreme lack of logic inherent in attempting to take calls when the system still wasn’t working, I attempted to convince myself to get on the phone, and ignore the fact that this wasn’t going to work, and just take calls and feed everybody a line of crap while I fought with the system to try to get it to work even though I knew it wouldn’t, but there was no convincing.
So I decided to take the course of action that wouldn’t get me in to trouble: talking to John about it instead of the more desirable yelling at the client’s minion.
John managed to get the management pukes to leave off having me take calls, but there’s been no information since.
So when I went to the OM’s cube this morning, he said he’s going to “push some buttons” today.
And what exactly has been going on all this week?
I seriously considered not coming in to work today.
It was raining, 30 degrees outside, and I would much rather be home, getting stuff done and watching Star Trek.
What makes it worse is that the OM said he actually probably would have aproved the request for paid time off.
This whole thing sucks.
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