Wp seems to have eaten the last incarnation of this post, so we’ll try this again.

There’s an app I use called Online Bible, which, as the title suggests, allows one to study/read the Bible, (and whatever other books one decides to import into the thing), on one’s PC.
It’s a very powerful app, allowing, among other things, the creation of one’s own modules by simply marking up a text file.
Someone’s even created three different translations of the Qur’an for the thing, and after eight years of use, I still haven’t figured out how they did it.
The only drawback I’ve found with the program is that if you’ve acquired a ton of modules like I have, a complete install can take at least three hours, and that’s if you work at it non-stop.
What I’m trying to find out is if there is a way to create a single install for everything, so that I can avoid this if I ever have to reinstall.
You can back up all the modules, and when you’re creating modules for distribution, there’s a setup utility that can be included so that a user can run a self-extracting archive and have the module automatically install.
I’m thinking that this method may be used to create a single install, if I include all the backups in the same directory, and also include the setup utility.
I’ll post more if I get more information.

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