I think education of others by people with disabilities is important. Not that we’re obligated to do it, but it’s more productive a lot of the time.

One thing we don’t seem to be discussing though, (and I hope we can), is burn-out among people with disabilities with regard to being educators.

People who aren’t expected to do their jobs every day of every minute of their lives, and they still suffer from burn-out.

I’m not saying education is our job, but lots of times it feels like one, and so I think maybe we should look at helping each other recognize burn-out, recognize when to take a break, and more importantly learn how to give ourselves permission to take a break, because these don’t seem to be things we’re talking about when it comes to advocacy and education.

And I suspect needing a break is where a lot of us are at.

The fight seems endless, and it’s hard to see impact when you’re in the thick of it.

Just something to consider.

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