I think I’m going to change my site’s footer to “Site best viewed with a computer and a cold one.” I suppose I should modernize that a bit, since people use more than just computers to view websites, but I’d dearly love the opportunity to poke fun at the whole “site-best-viewed-with” (insert browser, usually Chrome) nonsense.

The surprise heat wave broke today, so the windows are open and there’s a wonderful breeze coming in. I looked at the temperature in Augusta and it’s 94 compared to our 72. Glad I’m not there.

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  1. @smokey Yeah all kinds of things are doing it. Aren’t using Chrome when you visit something? Oh look! Here’s a message telling you to update your browser and listing Chrome as the recommended one. I use Firefox, and not IE11, which is definitely a modern browser. So I suppose we’ll have to do the whole browser diversity thing all over again.


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