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  1. Dabel is just people who are either “bored,” “chilling,” “relaxing,” or some combination of all of the above. They stream themselves either talking about nothing, or talking about other people talking about nothing. Sometimes they mix it up and warn each other about “perverts.”

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if this app goes anywhere. The one potential draw for me would be that there’s still no really easy way to broadcast audio while on the go and this solves that problem. I have PowerPress set up on my site, but uploading to it is another story — and then creating the post after upload, there’s just got to be an easier way. Fundamentally though, I absolutely agree with you, there’s no substitute for owning your own content, recorded or otherwise.

    • I agree that the app provides a solution to a problem, and I think I probably would have been OK if there had been an allowance for downloading your own content and then posting it on your own site afterwards so there’s always a linkable archive, (backfeed), but the terms of use really do seem to forbid even that, and so that makes it a no-go even with that exception. I had, (maybe still have), and Audioboom account, and have played with other streaming services, only to later lose all the content altogether because the service shuts down. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re going to invest the time into creating the content, you should invest the time in making sure you at least have a copy of that content stored somewhere else if possible, because things shut down all the time, and the data generated from all that content is very valuable to other people. So if it’s valuable to other people, why isn’t it valuable to the creators?

  3. And if I am asked once, I am asked a thousand times, why I do not sell on Etsy. They have an almost identical TOS. They can copy, use, reproduce, etc. etc. etc., worldwide, nonexclusive, screw you in perpetuity, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. Almost verbatim. No way.

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