I got an incredibly late start this morning, which is no surprise because I didn’t fall asleep until close th 3AM. I blew through the fourth Virgil Flowers book last night, and holy hell that was some twisted shit. I won’t give the book away for anyone who wants to read the series, but let’s just say I was very, very satisfied when all the villains were gotten rid of or otherwise taken care of. I spent the better part of Saturday sitting on a deck drinking, listening to music, and enjoying the company of friends. I’ve spent the rest of the intervening time between then and today working and reading Virgil Flowers books. At this rate I’ll be done with the series by the beginning of May, if it takes that long. After finishing what’s there I’ll start the Prey Series by the same author I think, because I’ll need to wait until the next book in the Foowers series comes out, and that won’t be until October. The Hockey play-offs start tonight, and my teams are (I think) all playing, so I’ll spend the evening listening to the games. I’ve taken a break from Apple Watch challenges for the moment. I was really, really tired after the last round, so I’ve taken the last week off, and will get things rolling again with regard to exercising starting on Sunday I think.

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