Migrating an existing site to Gutenberg, day 3, second note, this one’s shorter.

As I was writing the last note and attempting to add a code snippet, I inwardly groaned at the task of converting all the quotes and other characters into their appropriate character entities, until I remembered that I have Justin Tadlock’s old-but-still-working-just-fine code snippets plugin installed.

Nice, accessible modal for adding code snippets, generates a shortcode for the post.

So it’s coming along with me as we make this migration because the Gutenberg code block would have to be absolutely amazing to get me to switch to it for my code snippet needs at this point.

So Justin’s code snippets plugin is added to the list of plugins that will need to be redone for a Gutenberg world and I will be more than happy to do it myself because I am not giving it up.

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