Right now I am incredibly grateful and thankful for the extensive accessibility improvements to the WordPress widgets screen, because today I learned that there is at least one developer on this planet who actually worked to not support accessibility mode.

Is there a legitimate reason to do this other than pure unadulterated ableism? That’s not a rhetorical question.

If it weren’t for all the accessibility improvements to the main widgets screen, I would quite literally be prevented from completing this project.

So whoever did all this work, (and it was probably done in very large part by Andria Fercia), thank you so much, I owe you a ton right now. If it wasn’t all Andria, or if it was completely someone else, please get in touch so I can edit this post to ensure that you are publicly thanked by name or names.

I would be totally screwed right now if it weren’t for all your hard work.

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  • User Avatar 💬 Amanda Rush (Placeholder, edit later) WordPress powers over a quarter of the web. With such a large market share comes a shared responsibility to create a web that everyone can use and enjoy, regardless of how they access it.

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