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  1. Now I ahve to admit guilt in the lovey-dovey posts, but they are infrequent and always written by my own personal set of fingers, not just copied from some miserable chain letter. I think a “get real” button would do well for people prone to lots of conspiracy theorizing or other overspeculation.

  2. Agreed, though I suspect that those who needed to get over themselves would miss the point entirely; because most of the time, they tend to be the ones who think that they’re the only ones who are right; and their opinion is the only true, right, or valid one. :). But I’d still love to see that as a reaction option, along with some sort of puking icon or hurl icon for those fake insincere folks I know who feel the need to seek out social media validation by posting every kid picture, or the fake and ultra mushy posts about their hubby or wifie complete with nauseating affirmations of love and affection that only come up on special days but never any other time, or when their spouse/partner gets them a gift. It’s only fooling the ones that don’t know that when you take the lid off the box, there’s a bunch of fakery in the bottom; and it’s obvious that they only do it for the oos and ahs; as the ones in good relationships aren’t going overly gushy on social media. 🙂

  3. I would like a “Get over yourself” button, a “hurl” button, and a “projectile vomit” button. My vision for these reaction types is that whenever we come across a post, we could just press a button to indicate our reaction, because sometimes, a comment is just too much work. And I wholeheartedly agree with your point on the mushy posts. Half the time, I don’t care about the kids, the lovey-wovey-woo-woo posts make me want to stick my own finger down my throat to force myself to vomit, and some people I just want to shake until they come to their damn senses.

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