Finally got a chance to catch up on the journals. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but it seems you’re all doing relatively well. I remember telling myself that I’d probably post more when I started working, because there’d be more to tell. That hasn’t happened, do to my extremely screwed-up work schedule. I’ll have to get used to doing this again. Is there any way any one of you can tell me what email address you use to post via the email gateway, as well as how to cross-post between journals? Thanks, and, I’ll try to write more.

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  1. And the way the story plot unfolds gradually developing the tension while at the same time treading on that fine line between dark and lightweight, good and evil, is amazing how that’s done in comparison to its sentimentality Ripley ,missed her daughters birthday because fate was cruel to her due to the circumstances of her floating out into space for 57 years, after she escaped from the Nostramo.

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