Morning everybody, I guess we're doing Monday. Started the day off by having to ping my phone because I forgot where I laid it. On the other hand I'm off to a good start regarding my exercise and move goals so we're good. I hope everyone is having a good day.

Hello everyone, just moved the account to this new instance!

I think it’s time for a new #introduction then!

Ice Cubes is available on the App Store for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, it’s a fast, customisable, easy to use client.

– Pin any local timeline from any instance!
– Quote toot!
– Easy access to your lists and followed tags!
– Proper direct messages interface.
– It’s 100% free and Open source!

Feel free to boost so the whole Fediverse can know about it!


I’m glad to see reporting looking into the data theft behind “AI”. But it’s super frustrating to be misquoted like this. I was not talking about “current laws”, nor about “AIs”. Collections of linear algebra are not the kind of things that can have accountability, period.

I’ve sent email to @mimsical asking for a correction, but haven’t heard back. (It is a Saturday, but also the piece went live today.) Hopefully he can get the WSJ to correct the article.


Folks have been talking a lot about QT’s lately. I’ll just relay my personal experience:
I can’t count how many times I’ve come across a post, thought “that post is stupid, let me show my followers so I can make fun of it,” then remember that quote tweets aren’t a thing. I then go: “Oh. Well. Hm. Probably for the best TBH”… and then I move on with my life!
F*cking glorious.
Not everyone uses QT’s this way, but I absolutely did.
Having that urge taken from me isn’t a bad thing.


New post: 43% of the Web Can No Longer (Easily) Auto-Share to Twitter –

… wherein I write about how Twitter’s decision to impose huge prices on API access has caused Automattic to discontinue auto-sharing from their hosted #WordPress .com site and also through the #Jetpack plugin used by people (like me) who host their own WP sites.

The good news is that Automattic says they’ll soon enable auto-sharing to #Mastodon , which will be a great help!


Easy to miss in Mastodon’s latest update, but the most-requested features are indeed coming “soon:”

“…quote posts, improved content and profile search, and groups. We’re also continuously working on improving content and profile discovery, onboarding, and of course our extensive set of moderation tools, as well as removing friction from decentralized features. Keep a lookout for these updates soon.”

@spreadmastodon @fediversenews


I’m looking for a good seuda shleshit bencher. I do have one with nusach sphard (I presume ) but a lot of the text is in Aramaic, presumably from the Zohar, and I would need Hebrew to get the most out of it. Alternatively if there is a sidur from any community or time somewhere that has a seuda shleshit “service” what would that be and where could I find it?

#jewish #prayer #davening #Shabbat