Takeaway from this talk, which anyone who contributes to open source or free software or anyone introducing others to said software should take to heart: Capitalism loves what you create, but companies do not love you and never will, even if they create things you like. Companies are not your friend. They are not on your side. We should all keep this in mind the next time we find ourselves overcome by the desire to kill ourselves in the creation of something which has the potential to benefit a lot of people. By all means, create that thing. But we need to make sure we look after things like our mental health, our relationships with our loved ones, the things that are truly important in life. I saw some tweets today mentioning the fact that Apple essentially glorified working weekends and the like during WWDC. I’ve seen the prioritization of working basically non-stop for the cause of disability rights or equal access for all. Of course nobody comes out and recommends that, but it’s there. It’s sort of expected I think, (see, for example, people with disabilities being urged to educate rather than to demand

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