The struggle is real: Self-serve SEO or pay for page rank? by Laura Legendary
To plagiarize the 80’s pop ditty, everybody wants to rule the world. When it comes to achieving any sort of visibility on Google, there’s not a great deal of room at the top. In fact, d…

A few thoughts of my own.

At the risk of ruffling the feathers of the SEO community, as a blind entrepeneur I’ve found that focusing overly much on the mechanics of search engine optimization detracts from the rest of my business.

Things like Google Analytics, for example, are almost completely inaccessible, and so tracking that kind of data is something I don’t do at this point. I’ve also made a point of not tracking any metrics that prove to be not beneficial, and I’m focusing on creating content that my visitors find useful.

Sometimes, (a lot of the time), that’s shorter posts, curation of resources I use, and (once my writing muscles are up to snuff again), the occasional longer tutorial.

I think that, if you’re concerned about ranking in the search engines, then you will have to be prepared to either spend a lot of money to hire someone to do it for you, (and there are only a handfull of people or businesses I would trust with that task), or you’re going to have to spend a lot of time keeping up with algorythmic changes, along with possibly hiring someone to read and interpret your analytics data.

Things like well-structured content, though, continue to be relevant, even despite the algorythm updates.

I’m wondering if it might be worth writing up the experience of using both Gutenberg and the Classic Editor in tandom on a site? Spoiler alert: It’s complicated and it introduces a lot of extra coordination regarding content editing and creation.

Do not recommend unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Quick tip: If you’re building podcast websites with WordPress, or even a website which has a podcast as a secondary feature, use the Simple Podcasting plugin. If you use PowerPress you’re locked into the Classic Editor plugin with everything that entails, including using older themes.