Dear #WordPress leadership: Get your shit together because this is one of a handfull of people who are actually #a11y experts who are also skilled React devs and your squandering WordPress’s hard-won rep on a11y for an arbitrary deadline is a damn shame.

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  1. That is exactly why I do not like ready out-of-the-box CMS solutions like WordPress. With these pre-built, easy to use, ready to put in place systems like WordPress, you are subject to their changes, desires, and design. When they make a change, it affects everyone using their platform. I like to roll my own HTML5 / CSS / PHP. I guess WordPress is okay. But it’s not for me

    • Rolling your own is fine as long as you’re only talking about a few pages. But when you’re dealing with thousands of pieces of content, or you’re dealing with modern web-related stuff, and you need to interact with third-party services, ETC., rolling your own is quixotic at best. Also, I’m a contributor to WordPress and have been for years, so I theoretically should get a say in this, and I’m not backing down on it.

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