I’ve been doing what I like to refer to as the “Badd Weight Watcher thing” for a while now, and have just exited a rather long period of not caring. Well, that’s not exactly true. It’s not that I haven’t cared, (I still went to work out semi-regularly, didn’t take every chance I could to binge on the naughty food, and every now and then my goal would cross my mind). I did, however, not exactly make it a point to jump on the scale weekly like I had been doing for a while.

So when I stepped on the scale Friday, expecting the worst, or at least a few extra pounds, I was pleasantly surprised.

I am now only fifteen pounds away from my goal. Fifteen! It’s taken me a long time to get here, but I’m almost to the point of maintaining instead of losing. This, of course, makes me very happy.

I’m no longer a Weight Watchers member. I couldn’t justify paying $40 or more a month just to weigh in every week. And the Weight Watchers data really isn’t easily comparable with normal data, like calorie intake and calorie burn. I have a fitbit, and I have the Aria scale, so once I got the scale, I canceled my membership.

I briefly wondered if I could keep this thing up without the weekly weigh-ins, but I’ve managed, sort of. I definitely don’t regret the decision. I loved my meeting leader, but not enough to pay that extra monetary cost.

I’m looking forward to continuing the countdown, and being able to write the “ground zero” post.

One of the playlists I maintain on Spotify is one called “Tired of Stupid.” I made it public and am allowing others to collaborate on it, so of course Wil and Denise joined in and have added to its greatness. It’s become quite respectable by this point. I started with twenty or so tracks, and it’s now up to seventy-seven as of this writing.

One of the songs that got added by either Wil or Denise, “Drink!” by Alestorm, is today’s work loop. It’s become one of my favorite songs from the list, and I’m in the process of discovering more from Alestorm.

Here’s the official video. Enjoy.

Total steps: 2375
Floors climbed: 0
Calories burned: 1652
Elevation gained: 0 feet
Traveled: 0.99 miles
Sedentary minutes: 884
Lightly active minutes: 175
Fairly active minutes: 0
Very active minutes: 0
Yep, I was pretty much completely lazy yesterday. I’m supposed to go work out today, so that will definitely increase the step and activity numbers, but yesterday neither myself nor the friend I go work out with felt good, so no trip to the gym. We’ll see what happens today.