I think I may have made a promise to myself at some point that there would be no code on this blog.

Well, promise broken, because I want a place to document my side projects.

My current fascination has been with metadata.

In a nutshell, metadata is the information that gets collected when you do things like take pictures with your phone. It can be information like credit, shutter speed, or location, if you have enabled location services for your camera app on your phone.

Basically, everything you do has metadata attached these days. Photos aren’t the only information with metadata attached. Photos are just the best example I can come up with that’s not too far out there in geek world.

So, I have started playing around with displaying this metadata. What if I could take the information from photos for instants, and use it to plot a location on a map. Then display that map so the people who read this blog could then look at where I am, or where I was when I wrote a particular post at least?

So far, I think I have the location part working. If you look at this post, under the content, you should have the ability to hover over the location and see a street level view.

It’s not perfect, and it’s not exactly the way I want it, so I will continue playing around. And of course, I will document the whole thing here, complete with code examples.