It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually sat down and wrote something for this site. I don’t suppose the audio posts count. And a lot has happened.

Since the last time I wrote something significant, I found a place. My very own place. With a bed and a sock drawer and everything. It’s located in a really good area, and there’s a ton of stuff within walking distance. And it’s month-to-month, which meansI’m not trapped for a year at a time in case some work comes up somewhere else other than Augusta. I have a roommate, but she’s got her room and I’ve got mine, and there’s a huge amount of space between us. And she’s nice. And not an ax-murderer. So it’s cool. I got interwebs set up yesterday, and will have wireless later. Which means I can start playing with my new utrabook. And eventually, I can start pulling stuff out of storage. Yay!

Once I get completely settled, (or maybe before then), there’s going to be more written content here. I have a desk now, which makes this a whole lot easier. And I will put up some pictures as soon as I get some taken.

I’m participating in National Blog Post Month again, and this time, I hope to actualy be able to complete the challenge and write something every day. And I have some neighbors who will provide some very interesting stories to tell. I promise, not mean ones.

So, let the new chapter begin.