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Today will be a light blogging day, because, (shock), I actually have work to do that will keep me busy for most of the day.
I’m hoping we can continue this trend, so I can call myself productive, and so I can save the blogging for when it’s supposed to be done, either at home, on a break, or in reaction to something actually happening at work.
It’s just weird to be sitting at work, blogging about everything else but.
I’d rather be sitting at home.
Speaking of work conditions, it’s 800 degrees back here.
I’ve gone up front to have a service request put in so the heat can be turned down.
I’ve also asked for AOLIM access, since that’s what everyone on the floor uses, and it would save me from having to go up front to ask a question.
I could just IM the appropriate person instead.
More later.

It’s been raining all day, ever since I first woke up this morning.
God, I think I could go right back to sleep, even though it’s almost five in
the evening.
I have to get up at O’Dark:30 all this week, because I’m working from 07:00
to 15:30.
Admittedly, getting up will be difficult, but I’ll like the fact that I’ll
be getting home early enough to watch a couple of episodes of Star Trek TNG
in the afternoon.
I love that show.
It’s the best of the Star Trek series.