We’ve been abandoned again!
Not Again!
I just looked at Jimmy Buffett’s current tour schedule
for 2005, and there are no North Carolina stops.
And here I was, willing to do whatever it took to make
sure that both myself and Ray went to that concert:
Lie,, steal, fake severe illness, fake a death
certificate of a close relative if necessary, anything.
But no, the Almighty Parrot-head abandons us again.
You’d think he would have learned after the last time.
I’m so crushed.
It would have made working at Convergys meaningfull.
It would have meant that I don’t work in vain.
I would have worked as much overtime as needed to go to
that damned concert.
Now what am I supposed to do?

I’m having an interesting problem with the new client I’ve downloaded for handhelds.
I’ve entered the password I use for Livejournal, and it tells me that it’s invalid.
Would any of you who visit hotspot locations have any input?
I’m using the client for Pocket-PC/Windows CE devices.
Thanks for any help you can give.

This is completely not worth my time!
Work potlucks, or work gatherings, or mandatory work
get-togethers, or whatever you want to call them, are
I have a ton of other stuff to do tonight, and the last
thing I want to do is bake bread for these stupid
fuckerrs who I can’t stand in the first place.
And to make matters worse, I walked away for a bit too
long, and consequently burned the bread.
So now, I have to go back to the store, pick up some
more, and do this all over again.
I could really give a shit less about team unity, or any
of the other morale-inducements that go on at work.
And, for fuck sake, would somebody please stop the
ignorance of the roommates?
If I have to hear somebody yell “You ain’t my daddy,” or
“You ain’t donate no sperm,” or any more hip-hop talk,
which some of my politically correct acquantances like
to call Ebonics, I’m going to shoot somebody.
OK, I think I’ve ranted enough.

The potluck was a complete disaster.
I spent all that time and trouble making sure I brought
what I was supposed to bring, and not a soul touched it,
or even acknowledged it was there.
That’s the last time I make the effort.
And, to tell the truth, I’m highly offended.
I mean, I didn’t bring anything weird.
I brought French bread because we were having spaghetti,
and everybody knows you have to have some kind of bread
with spaghetti.
Was that not country enough?
Team indeed.
Well, I hope they don’t expect me to play any more of
their Convergys games with them.
I’m not pretending I like these people, only to be
snubbed like that.
Oh, and here’s something really sick.
Convergys is launching an add campaign starting in
The new slogan is: “Convergys: Outthinking, Outdoing.”
There’s even a promotional video for clients and
It makes me want to puke.
It says something about values, and providing twenty
years worth of top-notch customer care, human resources
and billing solutions.
It’s like the Wal-Mart commercials, except much worse.
We’ll probably be forced to wear badges with the stupid
slogan on it.
I hate corporate America.

I’ve figured out how to get the hand-held client to work, and it’s great.
It looks easier to backdate from this client than it does from the client on the PC.
I think the coolest part is that I can manually enter the time and date in.
That’s what makes backdating so much easier.
I should be posing more often thanks to this.
Happy reading.

This is in response to something posted in Ray’s
journal, concerning the Terri Scheiavo case. I said I
wasn’t going to get in to this, but here goes anyway.
I’m not going to give my oppinion on this, because,
quite frankly, all the oppinions have been punted back
and forth like a stale hamentashen
for the last however long, and it’s really getting
annoying. I mean, I hate to come off callous, but
really! I’m beginning to think that, if Americans,
of every persuasion, right or left, don’t have some
major media event at least once a year, then they start
to go through withdrawal, and so someone has
to create one before they have to take the measure of
setting up a hotline to deal with the crisis. If I have
to go to work one more time, and walk into
the break room to get some caffeine, and hear Pat
Robertson screaming about how this is judicial murder,
I’m going to murder someone. I think whoever’s
responsible for drumming up the media storm has acted
very immodestly to say the least, and I have to agree
with Ray’s question: Why does this case merit
so much attention when this kind of thing happens all
the time?

I would really appreciate it if all of you would take up a collection, and purchase some weapons of mass destruction, so I can use them on the apartment.
The roommates are really getting on my nerves.
They’re blaring their music as usual, I haven’t been paid for the bills, the whole place smells like stale pot and cigars, , the apartment complex refuses to do anything about it, and I don’t want to have to deal with all this along with what I have to deal with at work.
Maybe some nuclear weapons, or just some grenades, yes, grenades would work nicely, and a launcher.
I hate fucking ghetto music, and ghetto people, and just plain trashy people, and their messes, and the havoc they reak.
On a lighter note, I’ll be posting some entries from yesterday, which will be dated for yesterday, in a little while.

Can somebody please tell me why the ghetto music has to bump and thump on pretty much 24 hours a day?
Not only do they have to blare it on their own radios, they have to blare it on the TV, or, more accurately, by putting CD’s in the play station.
And why do they have to speak their “ebonics”, or, to be less politically correct, why is it that they have to be extremely ignorant, and trashy, and keep their constant messes, and be stuck in my hair?
Apparently today, I should count myself blessed.
They only have one radio blaring.
Yesterday, it was the TV blaring, all day.
I can’t wait until I move.
I hope it happens soon.
I applied at one apartment complex, and have been given the run-around, and denied by them.
I went yesterday to look at more apartmenst, and found a nice one, whose application process doesn’t seem to difficult, and actually seems promising.
I really hope something works out soon.
My sleep schedule is all out of whack because of all this, and there’s very little to no peace and quiet.
The only time that happens is when the roommates aren’t here.
Obfiously, the roommates refuse to be considerate, and the apartment complex refuses to do anything in my favor.
Hell, when Andrew found one of their bowls and a lighter in the livingroom, and we called the office to let them know, all the managet did was to come down here, and tell them to hide their weed next time.
This whole thing is fucked up, and I’ll be glad when this episode’s over.

It seems to me that the only thing good about Good Friday is that lots of pharmacies will be closing early, which should keep the call volume low. That’s good, because I had to deal with a roommate blaring music all night long, in the livingroom, and consequently, didn’t get much sleep. What does one do when unable to sleep? Catch up on the friends page, of course. I spent about two hours catching up on everything. Surprisingly, I actually have something good to say about work. They’ve implemented a new raise plan. In short, if you work all forty hours in a given week, and have good quality, you get a four percent raise in your salary. Not bad. At this rate, I might actually make it above $9. I think we should sue Mars Corporation for false advertising. I eat snickers bars on my breaks sometimes, and none of the great things you see in the commercials happens to me. The good thing about snickers bars is that they keep you going. That, along with caffeine, almost makes the work day bearable. Yesterday they had a hot dog sale at work for the March of Dimes. I like it when they do that, because that means I can get lunch for really cheap. They also had the company Easter egg hunt yesterday. BeingJewish, I obviously didn’t participate.I really wish they wouldn’t keep it so cold in here. I sit on the

OK, looks like we have our Nachap Award recipient for this week. It’s a pharmacist named Care from CVS. She demonstrated her suitability as a Nachap member in the following manner. Carey called in to ask for an override. When I asked what her criteria were, she told me that although the doctor had prescribed one drug, when the pharmacy ordered the drug from the manufacturer, they sent the wrong drug. Instead of contacting the manufacturer to give them the “Screwed up man,” (Ray, you should get that one), speech, the pharmacy took the liberty of changing the prescription, since both drugs were generics, and both did the same thing, and both were the same price. For those who don’t know, what makes a generic drug generic, (other than the name), are the fillers that are added along with the active ingredient, or the ingredient that is the acting medication. Some people are alergic to the fillers in certain generics, so they have to take the brand. Well, after Carey explained to me that she had changed the prescription, she told me that the member, (who might as well be a god when it comes to my line of work, along with the pharmacist and the insurance company, or benefits administrator, with the client, Express Scripts Inc. being the ultimate, untouchable, unknowable Supremevery Being of this twisted pagan pantheon), said that she couldn’t take the generic drug, and that she had to have her brand. I asked why the member couldn’t take the drug. I can only issue an override in this kind of situation if the member has some sort of reaction to the drug. The pharmacists are supposed to know this, because the rule hasn’t changed for a very long time, for at least as long as I’ve been doing this. This is where the nachapity comes in. When I asked Care, our friendly pharmacist, why the member couldn’t take the generic, if there was some sort of medical reason, she said she didn’t know why, but still continued to ask for the override. I told her that I couldn’t just issue an override without some sort of definite reason. She whined about how the two drugs do the same thing, and how they’re even the same price. I repeated that I couldn’t just issue an override without a definite medical reason, and then muted the phone, and said that in that case, there should be no reason why the member couldn’t take the other drug. To conclude, Carey gets the Nachap award for this week due to her incomprehension of what the rules are, and further incomprehension after an explanation. Great job, Carey! We’d give you a gift certificate to a steakhouse or something, but we’re too poor to afford that. So you’ll just have to be consoled with the knowledge that you are are among a group of truly illustrious people, and leave it at that.