I’m sitting here watching 24 when I know I should probably be in bed or something, just to make sure I don’t sleep the day away on Sunday. This has been a busy week. It really got interesting yesterday though, well, I suppose yesterday should actually be Friday.

The day started out fine, but by 12:00 the internet was down due to a state-wide DSL outage. It stayed that way until about 4:30. The boss got in touch with me at around 4:00, asking if I would be willing to make an international call to Mexico so that I could help someone set up a network install of Jaws. He offered to pay the rates, but I told him I don’t have international service, (which I don’t), and I’m not sure the call would even go through. But the ‘net came back up, so I ended up making the call on the work phone and getting everything straight. Then, after work, I tackled the mail problem I’ve been having since Thursday afternoon. It seems my email account on the server has decided that i need all this mail from all the way back in december, in triplicate. So I’m waiting for the mail to download, and eventually, I’ll start seeing my current mail. Saturday’s training went well, if long. I’ve got audio of it, which is always good, because i find it easier to take notes on a recording than I do on a live lecture.

I took a long nap after the training, longer than I wanted, which is why I suppose I’m up this late. I’ve also spent some time catching up on the friends page. I’m thinking I will call gina tomorrow, and chat with her for a little while. I figure that keeping in touch is always good, and I enjoyed our conversation last week. I suppose I should probably also call my Mom and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. I also plan to do very little in the area of actual work, hopefully. I need at least one day that doesn’t involve customers, or the technical side of anything.

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