Can somebody please tell me why the ghetto music has to bump and thump on pretty much 24 hours a day?
Not only do they have to blare it on their own radios, they have to blare it on the TV, or, more accurately, by putting CD’s in the play station.
And why do they have to speak their “ebonics”, or, to be less politically correct, why is it that they have to be extremely ignorant, and trashy, and keep their constant messes, and be stuck in my hair?
Apparently today, I should count myself blessed.
They only have one radio blaring.
Yesterday, it was the TV blaring, all day.
I can’t wait until I move.
I hope it happens soon.
I applied at one apartment complex, and have been given the run-around, and denied by them.
I went yesterday to look at more apartmenst, and found a nice one, whose application process doesn’t seem to difficult, and actually seems promising.
I really hope something works out soon.
My sleep schedule is all out of whack because of all this, and there’s very little to no peace and quiet.
The only time that happens is when the roommates aren’t here.
Obfiously, the roommates refuse to be considerate, and the apartment complex refuses to do anything in my favor.
Hell, when Andrew found one of their bowls and a lighter in the livingroom, and we called the office to let them know, all the managet did was to come down here, and tell them to hide their weed next time.
This whole thing is fucked up, and I’ll be glad when this episode’s over.

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